Force Meter App for Android devices

Our Android software “Force Meter App” enables you to measure and analyze your measurements. The App communicates via Bluetooth with your force measurement devices. Measurements are visualized in a graph and stored in a database on your Android device.

This software was developed for communication with Android devices. If you prefer to evaluate your data with another device, please click here.

Features of the Force Meter App for Android:

  • Measure and analyze
    After measuring the obtained data is shown in a graph on your handheld device. Additional relevant data is computed from the data stream and shown in a table. All data is stored in a local database at the Android device and can be accessed and filtered later on.
  • Evaluation according to norms and standards
    The Force Meter App evaluates measurements according to predefined analysis criteria. These criteria are based on applicable regulations (law, guidelines, norms, standards). The permissible values are indicated in the measurement graph and also shown in a separate table to easily let the user comprehend the evaluation result. The analysis criteria derived from standards and guidelines is maintained by us and updates can be automatically installed by Google’s Play Store.
  • User guideance through the measuring process
    The user is guided through the measuring process if a norm or guideline was selected in advance. Upon every state of measurement, the user gets information about the current location and stage of measurement. All measurement locations are shown in a list and already done measurements are marked. The user therefore identifies the current stage of measurement at any time.
  • User-defined measurement objects and location tagging
    The user has the ability to create measurement objects containing data like descriptions, serial numbers, types and owners. The object can contain a barcode or QR code. This code is scannable by the device internal camera and enables the user to select the object for reoccurring measurements. At the result screen we offer a feature to filter for measurement objects that will generate you a corresponding list.
  • Report generation and data export
    The app generates a PDF report immediately after the measurement. This report can be sent by e-mail or saved at the device or in a cloud. It can also be printed if a printer is connected to the Android device. The app offers also a signing and commenting function which is useful if the report is delivered to customers. Additionally the app offers a function to take photos with the device internal camera. The taken pictures can be stored to the report for documentary reasons. All measurement data can be exported as ppdx (XML) to enrich with other applications. You can open these files in all of our other software tools and do further processing.

Download ManualDownload App in Google Play Store

Or simply scan the following QR code:

Technical requirements:

  • Mobile Android device (tablet/ smartphone)
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Bluetooth pinch force meter (wireless) from Drive Test

Currently, the following standards and guidelines can be evaluated:

  • ASR 1.7
  • DIN EN 12453:2017
  • DHF-TS-011:2018
  • DIN EN 16005:2012
  • DIN EN 18650-1:2010
  • DIN EN 14752
  • 2000/4 EG
  • DIN EN 81-20

You can set the user language yourself: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish

Example using an FM 100 BT:

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