The following glossary should serve as disambiguation and description of terms used on this website.

Term Meaning/usage
Accuracy Degree to which the result of measurement conforms to the correct value
Effective force Feff Feff, Fe, average force during time Tp
Gap width Also referred to as: opening width
Guideline Referred to a set of parameters and limit values that define the execution of measurements and the way the results are tested; basis of guidelines are standards
Limit Maximum permitted quantitiy
Mean reactive force Arithmetical mean value of the effective forces
Peak force Fp, Fmax, maximum force to be found during the measurement
Pinch force FE, mean value of effective forces, measured sequentially at the same measuring point (also referred to as: closing force/ clamping force)
Puls duration Tp, time between t1 and t2, where t1 marks rise above the threshold and t2 marks fall below the threshol
Remaining force Fk, force one second after fall below or five seconds after rise above the trigger threshold (whichever occurs first)
Spacer Distance piece for realising different gap width
Spring stiffness Necessary force to compress/ pull a spring a certain amount; here Newton per mm (also referred to as: deflection rate for a spring)
Standard General term for a directive for measuring and evaluating the pinch force, these can be laws, European standards etc.
Trigger threshold Ft, the trigger threshold triggers the measurement
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