FM 208

Pinch Force Measurement System for Sunroofs, Powered Window Lifters and Tailgates

Safety ensured by Pinch Force Measurement

The FM 208 is an electronic force measuring system for sunroofs, powered window lifters and tailgates. Typical use includes R+D and production testing in the automotive industry. With the low spring stiffness, the FM208 is designed to test soft parts pinched in a closing system.

Combining rugged construction with precision, the advanced mechanical design delivers exact measurements, even after years of service in an industrial environment. Fast and easy performance of repetitive measurements is an important aspect of standard test scenarios.

We have responded to this requirement by developing software which streamlines the measurement process and drastically reduces documentation effort. Measurements can be downloaded to a PC, analysed, exported and documented with a minimum of user interactions. Our PinchPilot software provides also interfaces like Microsoft® DLL or National Instruments® LabVIEW for remote control in automated environments.

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  • Applicable standards – 2000/4 EG, US Standard FMVSS 118, ECE-R 21; supplemental measurement at low spring stiffness: 2 N/mm
  • Precision measurements – uses frictionless guides and a single point (platform) load cell
  • Robust construction – manufactured from durable aluminium for long service life in industrial environment
  • Professional software – PinchPilot offers complete functionality
  • Complete delivery – includes all required components for tailgates, window lifters and sunroofs, packed in a high quality transportation case
  • Accessories for each application – Spacer (200 mm), force initiations (bracket and platform), monopod, bumber bar support block, window support block, sunroof support block, sunroof spacer

Sensor FM 208

  • Force initiation: one-sided
  • Measurement range: 0–200 N
  • Accuracy: +/– 3 N (0-100 N) or +/– 3 % (> 100 N)
  • Stiffness: 2 N/mm, 10%
  • Area: 20 x 20 mm
  • Measurement technique: Strain Gauge Bridge
  • Size: ca. 220 x 80 x 250 mm
  • Weight: ca. 2.5 kg

Display unit SEB2

  • Data logging module (Display unit SEB2) with LCD display, LED states, button and USB interface
  • Optional PC controlled measurements
  • Powered by 9 V bloc battery
  • Onboard real time clock
  • Storage for approx. 100 measurements
  • Sensor and PC interfaces
  • Display of peak force and effective force
  • Instant feedback for test results

Software PinchPilot

  • Multi-Language (DE, EN, IT, FR, ES)
  • Graphical display of force vs. time
  • Calculation of relevant parameters
  • Assessment with respect to different guidelines/ standards
  • Support for user defined standards
  • Printed reports
  • Data export (Excel, CSV, PDF)
  • Available for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • USB connection

What’s included?

  • FM208 sensor
  • Separate display unit SEB2 with LCD display, LED states, button and USB interface
  • 9 V battery
  • Accessories for each application: Spacer (200 mm), force initiation (bracket and platform), monopod, bumber bar support block, window support block, sunroof support block, sunroof spacer
  • Transportation case with foam inserts for ease of storage and transport
  • PC connection cable (USB)
  • USB memory stick with PC analysis software PinchPilot
  • User manual
  • Calibration certificate

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