FM 100 Accessory

Pinch Force Measurement System for Doors and Gates

FM 100 Extension Set

The FM 100 Extension Set from DriveTest facilitates the measure- ment of di erent gap widths. This equipment enables the user to perform measurements compliant with the European norm EN 12445/ 12453. Required widths of 30 and 50 cm can be easily realized.

Technical data:
Maximum Force: 2000 N
Material: Aluminium/V2A


  • 25 cm piece with force initiation
  • 80 mm (useable for a gap of 30 cm)
  • 20 cm piece (together with the 25 cm piece usable for a gap of 50 cm)

Handling vertical force:

  • Screw extension(s) onto the upper side of the FM 100
  • Put the FM 100 on the ground
  • Start the measurement

Handling horizontal force:

  • Screw extension(s) onto the lower side of the FM 100
  • Bring the FM 100 manually in measurement position
  • Start the measurement
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Art.No.: 1052
Article: FM100-DG-SP-30-50

FM 100 All-in-One-Case

The FM 100 All-in-One-Case stores the complete FM 100 system (FM 100 sensor und electronic box SEB2) and the extension set.

Dimensions: 48 cm x 35 cm x 18 cm
Weight netto (empty): 3.3 kg

Art.No.: 2210
Article: FM100-DG-OP, upgrade all-in-one-case

FM 100 Load bar

The FM 100 load bar from Piher facilitates the measurement of large opening widths. With the help of the load bar can open widths of 45 cm to 295 cm be realized. The following lengths are available:

  • 40 cm to 60 cm
  • 60 cm to 100 cm
  • 95 cm to 170 cm
  • 155 cm to 290 cm

Technical data:

  • Maximum force at 255 cm opening width: >2000 N
  • Material: steel

Load bar from Piher with stable rubber foot and threaded bolt for FM 100.

Screw the load bar in the bottom of the FM 100.

Art.No.: 30086
Article: FM100-DG-SP-600
Art.No.: 30087
Article: FM100-DG-SP-1000
Art.No.: 30088
Article: FM100-DG-SP-1700
Art.No.: 1055
Article: FM100-DG-SP-2900

FM 100 Fixture set for barriers

The FM 100 fixture set for barriers from DriveTest enables a standard compliant measurement of barriers according to DIN EN 12453. The fixture set is stepless in the height of 85 cm up to 140 cm adjustable. The angle of the FM 100 is also infinitely variable adjustable.

Technical data:

  • Maximum force at 140 cm opening width: >2000 N
  • Material: Aluminium / Non metallic base plate

FM 100 fixture set with quick-release fasteners for height and angle adjustment.

Mount the FM 100 sensor with the attached adapter to the fixture set. Adjust height and angle with the quick-release fasteners. Load base-plate with a person or suitable weight.

Art.No.: 30089
Article: FM100-DG-FX Barrier

FM 100BT Trolley

There is a countless number where you must bend down to repositioning your FM 100 on a measurement day. With our FM 100BT trolley you can reposition your FM 100BT comfortable, without to bend down. That saves time and protects your back.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions retracted: 50 cm x 23 cm x 21 cm
  • Dimensions extended: 105 cm x 23 cm x 21 cm
  • Weight: 1,3 kg
  • Material: Aluminium/POM

FM 100 trolley with extendable handle, 2 durable smooth running wheels and device holder for the FM 100BT.

The FM 100BT can be mounted to the shunting car without tools.

Art.No.: 30090
Article: FM100BT-DG-AC Trolley

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