The DriveTest GmbH was founded in 1998 by the executive shareholder Wolfgang Schabel.

In 1999 DriveTest begun to produce by licence the Original-BIA Class 2 – a mechanical device to measure the closing force of bus doors. Soon after DriveTest developed its first own measurement device – the electronic BIA Class 1. Since then the product spectrum extended: Measurement devices for doors and gates, car-windows and roofs as well as elevator doors were engineered and produced.

In the domain of Drive Testing Drive Test started with the development of test stations for simple electrical drives of car sunroofs. With the implementation of electronic control units the demands for test systems were growing (LIN-Bus, CAN-Bus). The testing of whole sun-roof-systems became the focus of attention. All new demands were systematically integrated and a universal and flexible Drive-Pilot-Test-System developed.

Today DriveTest is working for the worldwide standardization of Test systems to ensure uniform high-level quality standards.

Currently DriveTest engages 12 employees. In 2012 the company moved into the energy-effcient premises of business park “Westpark” to extend spatially.