FM 200 Accessories

Pinch Force Measurement System for sunroofs, window lifters and tailgates

In the following you will find accessories for our FM 200 system.

Mounting kit for sunroofs

The FM 200 mounting kit for sunroofs helps to safely attach the sensor FM 200 to the car’s sunroof. It faciliates the verification of the pinch forces of slide and tilt closing movements.

  • Precise and reproducible measurements by firm fixation on the car’s roof
  • Easy assembly and quick release by locking lever
  • Robust construction and very high suction power
  • Sophisticated, durable plastic material and aluminum

Fixture Set Sunroof Slide

Fixture Set Sunroof Tilt

Art. No.: 1158
Article: FM200-SU-FX 0354

FM 200 for automated environments

This set contains a modified display unit for integration in control cabinets. The display unit gets a DIN rail carrier. The sensor is delivered with a 5 meter cable instead of a 2.5 meter cable. This enables the sensor to be integrated in a test bench further away.

The PinchPilot software is able to be remote controlled over a DDE (included in PinchPilot) or DLL connection. Alternatively we offer a LabVIEW library with easy-to-use public functions. Furthermore there is an OPC client provided by RSLinx to integrate the sofware in a PLC environment. We support you to make the right choice depending on your environment.

Art. No.: 1033
Article: FM200-SU-SY-10-200 (incl. PinchPilot)

Art. No.: 1020
Article: FM200-XX-OP, long sensor cable (5 m)

Art. No.: 69281
Article: DIN rail carrier

Art. No.: 6115
Article: Software license pinch force measurement (LabVIEW library)

Art. No.: 6119
Article: Software license RSLinx DDE client (OPC client)

Art. No.: 6124
Article: Software license SKM Windows DLL

Mounting kit for tailgates

The mounting kit for tailgates can be applied to measurements in almost closed ranges (pinch area) and in opened ranges for vertical forces.

Art. No.: 69243
Article: FM200-LG-FX

What’s included?

  • Adapter for sensor FM 200
  • Tripod
  • Transportation case
  • User manual

Equipment needed:
FM 200 system (comprising FM 200 sensor and display unit)

Analog interface

An extended version of the display unit provides the analog signal (0-4.096 Volts) of the measuring cell to a BNC socket. Further processing has to be implemented by the customer.

Art. No.: 69274
Article: SEB2.2 AC, analog interface 0509

FM 200 Force initiation elements

For our FM 200 system we manufacture different force initiations depending on the use case. We also realise custom applications upon request. Don‘t hesitate to contact us

Art. No.: 30068
Article: FM200-SU-FI elbow tilt, flat

Art. No.: 30067
Article: FM200-SU-FI finger long, 95×20 mm, semiround

Art. No.: 1066
Article: FM200-SU-FI finger, 55×20 mm, semiround

Art. No.: 1064
Article: FM200 SU FI Fork, 4mm, flat

Art. No.: 1065
Article: FM200-SU-FI Fork, 4mm, round

Window fixation

The window clamp to fix the FM 200 to a side window. The FM 200 moves up with the upper window edge to measure the occuring force.

Art. No.: 1166
Article: FM200-WI-FX window clamp

Mobile Calibration Device

The mobile calibration device enables easy factory calibration of the FM 200 system on-site. It is not necessary to disassemble the sensor for the calibration. Therefore it is perfectly suited for permanently installed FM 200 sensors whose removal would be very time consuming.

What’s included?

  • Calibration device
  • Display unit
  • USB cable
  • SUB-D data cable
  • Calibration certificate and manual
  • Transportation case

Art. No.: 1077
Article: FM 200 mobile calibration device

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