Automotive Configurable Controller – communicates with your ECU

AutoCoCo is a configurable device to control and monitor all kinds of ECUs and DC motors via instantly swappable configurations. It features the most common automotive interfaces. Use AutoCoCo embedded in your environment or with a PC.

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Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 12 V–18 V DC
  • Max. current out: 30 A
  • Voltage I/Os: 6 V–32 V DC
  • Max. current I/Os: 200 mA
  • Current in (idle): 150 mA
  • Dimension: 166 x 112 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 490 g
  • ECU support: LIN, CAN & K-Line
  • Power control: Bidirectional
  • Hall type: Voltage & current
  • No. DI: 8
  • No. DO: 9
  • R coding range: 0–20 KΩ
  • PC interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP, UDP)

Handheld device

  • Use it wherever you need to manually operate your product.
  • This is a solution with integrated power supply with connection to mains and built-in operation buttons.

PC based

  • Use it in your office or lab, in development cycle or test environments.
  • The AutoCoCo device operates as a slave device receiving commands from a PC through the Ethernet interface.

Embedded (factory/ testing)

  • Use it in your production line where you manufacture multiple products.
  • AutoCoCo has embedded all required information to communicate with or to operate an ECU or motor. The command sequence is started by the PLC or the operator via its DI/O interface.

Device properties at a glance

ECU Control
Following interfaces are available to communicate with your unit under test: CAN, LIN and K-Line. Also, with
a built-in Power Bridge, AutoCoCo provides the perfect control interface for DC motors either with Hall position detection or by current sensing.

Automation Integration
AutoCoCo provides 8 digital inputsand 9 digital outputs, which are fully configurable for either routine triggering or feedback signalization respectively. This interface is mainly used by a PLC or an Industrial Button/ Switch box.

Multiple Configurations
Thanks to its built-in SD Card, as many different configurations may be available as required. It provides fast configuration switching by resistor coding, which can be set manually, by the PLC or by the unit under test connector plug.

An Ethernet interface optionally brings the device to a local network, which enables control, monitor and reconfi- guration of the unit via a PC or local server. The AutoCoCo PC software enables you to discover your device in the network and upload new configu- rations and reconfigure the device.

Multiple automotive interfaces

  • Support for CAN and LIN bus
  • DC motor control with Hall interface
  • K-Line support
  • Digital I/O lines

One device solution

  • One device solution for a wide variety of units under test
  • Huge storage capacity for configurations
  • Automatic unit under test recognition
  • Instant configuration swapping

Remote accessibility

  • Thanks to its Ethernet interface, it can be managed from a remote PC, either by local personnel or by the Drive Test support team

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