Noise Lab

Noise System for Testing Departments and Serial Production

Quality by Sound Evaluation

DriveTest NoiseLab is a collection of software tools for in-production acquisition and evaluation of vibrations and sounds. Basic concepts emphasize ease of use and seamless integration into production line testing.

Noise Acquisition

Noise Acquisition is a software library for easy integration of vibration and sound acquisition into a test course. The library is available for National Instruments LabVIEW and consists of a small number of well documented ready-to-use modules. The library is preeminently suited for use with National Instruments TestStand. It is intended to use National Instruments devices and IEPE vibration sensors as acquisition hardware. When it comes to hardware selection DriveTest is ready to oblige.

It is an option to record a pulse signal synchronously which serves as a position reference. Acquired data is processed (amplitude and frequency spectrum) and stored to a database and/or file. Raw data saving is possible. Unique identifcations and context data allow to find specifc results. Self-defined filters can be applied to raw data. The output integrates seamlessly into the existing data storage structure. This way customer made add-ons to spotlight certain details are easily possible without forsaking the build in benefits of DriveTest NoiseLab.

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Noise Lab at a glance

  • Ready for integration: LabVIEW Acquisition Library for use in test sequences, hardware by National Instruments
  • Structured: Data is stored in les and /or a database. This facilitates locating specific recordings efficiently and easy forwarding of data
  • Modular: Independent LabVIEW libraries for acquisition and evaluation
  • User friendly: Easy to use software for data browsing and evaluation. Reduces complex themes to under- standable concepts for occasional users
  • Extensible: NoiseLab is an open system. Direct data access and custom extensions are possible

Noise Evaluation

Previously acquired vibration and sound recordings can be identi ed as good or bad part with Noise Evaluation software library within the fraction of a second. Only very few library calls are necessary. Besides good or bad status, evaluation details are available. Noise Evaluation Library is a LabVIEW software and easily integrated with National Instruments TestStand for the purpose of automated test courses. It is possible to evaluate amplitude RMS and spectrum. Amplitude evaluation is either referenced in time or position. Evaluating vibration and sound is independent of recording. This allows subsequent assessing of existing data and facilitates the development of test courses without acquisition hardware.

Noise Studio

oise Studio is a Windows application that has been designed for easy sigh- ting and evaluating vibration and sound recordings either individually or in great numbers. Evaluation rules can be created and managed with a graphical editor. It is possible to calculate the number of good and  bad parts of previously recorded data with any evaluation rule. This way the impact of evaluation rules on the reject rate can be estimated before deploying it to production.

Noise Studio works with les and data from a database. This feature enables working with large amounts of data and e ciently nding speci c results on the one hand while le based data exchange an import of individual recor- dings is possible on the other hand.

Scope of delivery

All-in-One Solution

  • Turn-key Test System (including measurement hardware and PC)
  • Test sequences based on National Instruments TestStand
  • Web-based result analysis and test configuration
  • Vibration and sound test solution including Noise Studio

Plug-in Solution

  • Vibration and sound test libraries for National Instruments LabVIEW/TestStand
  • Noise Lab software for data sighting and evaluation

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