The software PinchPilot offers an easy way to evaluate measuring data of pinch force measurements. As it provides all functions needed for evaluation and documentation, no additional software is needed.

Important functions are

  • Evaluation on base of a PinchPilot guideline
    PinchPilot evaluates measuring data on the base of PinchPilot guidelines. PinchPilot guidelines represent applicable standards (such as European standards) and contain a set of limit parameters according to the requirements of the standard.PinchPilot guideline are administrated by Drive Test GmbH. Relevant changes of standards will be included. The calibration service contains an update of the PinchPilot software. A regular calibration ensures an evaluation on base of current and up-to-date standards.Beside the evaluation on base of PinchPilot guidelines, it is possible to apply an user defined guidelines
  • Result document
    For documentation purposes the user has two choices:

    • The protocol is a detailed graphic documentation for one measure point.
    • Whereas the report is a documentation choice in table form thus containing all relevant
      quantities of an object like a wagon, bus etc.
  • Data export
    PinchPilot provides all every day needed evaluation functions. Additionally,
    some export functions are available:

    • Text Export: Measure data as a row of numbers; importable by Microsoft Excel
    • Graphic Export: Protocol or single diagram in EMF format;importable by Microsoft Word
    • SQL Database interface: On demand, a customized SQL interface may be integrated.
    • National Instruments DataPlugin (for import in Diadem or LabView)

Download PinchPilot (Version 2.72)Download NI DataPlugin (.ppd import)

Software upgrade costs will arise if no license key for downloaded version is owned.

The operation of the PinchPilot software follows Windows standards, therefore users which are familiar with Windows will have no problems.

The language to operate PinchPilot can be chosen by the user. German, English, French, Italian and Spanish are available.

Calculation of characteristic values

Uploading measuring data from the electronic box to a PC

PinchPilot is able to monitor and evaluate single or triple measurements per measure point. The legal range of the force is marked by a background colour thus providing easy recognition of deviations.