FM 205 BT – wireless, robust, precise

Wireless Pinch Force Measuring System for powered window lifters

Kabellose Schließkraftmessung - DriveTest FM 200 BT

The FM 205 BT from Drive Test is a wireless pinch force measuring system for powered window lifters.

The FM 205 BT is a redesign of the proven and tested FM 205. It combines the customer approved rugged construction and precision of its predecessor with the new flexibility of a wireless solution.

There are many advantages in daily use, such as: automatic measurement object detection via QR and barcodes, the immediate availability of the measured values and the direct creation of a PDF report.

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Technical facts:

  • Force initiation: one-sided
  • Measurement Range: 0-260 N
  • Accuracy: +/– 3 N (0-100 N)
    or +/– 3 % (>100 N)
  • Available stiffnesses: 2, 5, 10, 20, 65 N/mm
  • Gap width: 25mm / 30 mm
  • Area: 5 x 80 mm
  • Measurement Technique: Strain Gauge Bridge
  • Size: 125 x 75 x 55 mm
  • Weight: ca. 400 g


  • Force Meter – easy-to-use app with automated updates for guidelines and standards. Download it in Google’s PlayStore.
  • Time saver – instant feedback and on-site evaluation in combination with digital reports saves a lot of time and will pay off the system within weeks
  • Paperless Office – helps to reduce the time spend with paper work and protects the environment.
  • Versatile Setup – configure the app for your needs. E. g. enable a customers signature in the settings.
  • PinchPilot – if you use our software PinchPilot, you can still use it via PC and USB.


  • Applicable Standards – guided workflow and evaluation of 2000/4 EG, US Standard FMVSS 118, ECE-R 21
  • Precision measurements – six roller bearing force guide design
  • Robust construction – casing manufac-tured from durable material for long service life in industrial environments
  • Wireless – no more bothersome cables
  • Measurement object detection – identify your door/gate by QR- or Barcode with our integrated scanner and database


  • Instant results – your measurement will promptly evaluated to the selected guideline after measuring.
  • Customer support – in-house calibration service including software updates ensuring your measurement process conformity.
  • Easy to use – the device was redesigned with several years of experience in this field.
  • Process reliability – the integrated guideline/standard navigator guides you through your measurements.
  • Extended temperature range – designed for outdoor applications.
  • Multiple Languages – EN/DE/ES/FR/IT/CN

Measurement Setup:

The system is setup for measurements in no time. Connect the device to the app, choose the measurement to perform and the system is ready to test according to the applicable standard. The app guides the user through the workflow which is required by the standard. Reports for the performed measurements are instantly generated and are available for sending or storing. The app stores tested doors in a database, thereby facilitates the task of recording periodic measurements. Using barcodes or QR-Codes for identification of tested doors from inside the app is an additional feature preventing errors and making testing even simpler.

Available items:

  • FM 205-10-150 (standard configuration)
    Springrate: 10 N/mm
    Fmin: 0 N (25 mm)
    Fmax: 150 N (5 mm)
  • FM 205-02-60
    Springrate: 2 N/mm
    Fmin: 0 N (25 mm)
    Fmax: 60 N (5 mm)
  • FM 205-05-100
    Springrate: 5 N/mm
    Fmin: 0 N (25 mm)
    Fmax: 100 N (5 mm)
  • FM 205-20-200
    Springrate: 20 N/mm
    Fmin: 0 N (25 mm)
    Fmax: 200 N (15 mm)
  • FM 205-65-260
    Springrate: 65 N/mm
    Fmin: 0 N (25 mm)
    Fmax: 260 N (21 mm)

Spacers (optional):

  • Spacer 1 mm:
    height: 1 mm
    area: 10 x 60 mm
  • Spacer 25 mm:
    height: 25 mm
    area: 4 x 80 mm
  • Spacer 75 mm:
    height: 75 mm
    area: 4 x 80 mm
  • Spacer 125 mm:
    height: 125 mm
    area: 4 x 80 mm
  • Spacer 175 mm:
    height: 175 mm
    area: 4 x 80 mm

Supported by:

on basis of a decision by the German Bundestag

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